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                      "Dawn Song" -- Children's Story

                               Dawn Song

The chanting stopped.  The old man refilled his battered cup and set the
coffeepot forcefully down among the glowing coals that remained from
the dying fire.  The pot crashing down among the embers sent a shower
of sparks rising into the air until they mingled and became one with the
brilliant stars that still shone overhead.  For a long moment that seemed
an eternity to the boy there was silence.  Then the old man spoke.

“In the long ago before the coming of humankind, the Maker-of-All-
Things took a brief rest from his labors and retired to a far corner of the
distant void to contemplate the finishing touches of his creation.”

“The young sun had long enjoyed hiding behind the edge of the world
only to pop suddenly into the sky and astonish all the creatures by the
suddenness of her appearance and to dazzle them with the splendor of
her light.  The birds especially delighted in the sun, and flew high into
the air letting the warm yellow light illuminate their colorful feathers.”

“The most beautiful of all the birds was the raven.  His feathers were all
the colors of the rainbow, his voice was sweeter than the nightingale’s,
and his song was more exciting than the mockingbird’s.  But the raven
was a foolish bird, without wisdom, and was forever boasting to all and
sundry about the beauty of his plumage and his mastery of song.”

Copyright 2008 -- Wayne Howard
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