Republicans Star in “Night of the Living Dead”

It looks like Grover Norquist is still in charge of the Republican Party. No sooner was the stimulus put forward than Grover was all over Fox News and radical right-wing radio talk outlets spouting about tax cuts. Strangely, almost immediately, most (but encouragingly not all) congressional Republicans suddenly turned into reason-dead automatons intoning “tax cuts…more tax cuts…” in spite of the fact that the Bush era tax cuts more than wiped out Clinton’s budget surplus, and combined with two wars created one of the largest deficits in history–all this before the current economic collapse.

The Republican Party doesn’t seem to realize that tax cuts mean nothing to people without jobs, since they pay no taxes anyway. Grover seems to have the Party in his pocket as he continues his quest to eliminate taxes to the point where the Government is “starved” to death. It would be interesting to know how many of the congressional zombies have been breaking bread with Grover at the weekly strategy meetings at his K Street digs.

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