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Now that green is “in” and everyone wants to do it and be a part of the revolution, the hucksters are out in force blasting us with information that can best be described as “the good, the bad and the ugly.” The good thing about the internet is that it provides us with access to a lot of good information and good ideas, but at the same time ovewhelms us with ideas that are in some cases just bad ideas, and in other cases just plan ugly ideas designed to fleece the unwary.

As a case in point, I recently ran across a press release from a “green energy” company touting a scheme to recover energy from the warm air exhaust streams from air conditioning systems. This is a scheme akin to perpetual motion in that work has to be done by the AC system to produce the cooling at the condenser and the flow of air carries away the waste heat. Capping that air stream to run turbin would create a back pressure that would cause the AC system to do more work for the same amount of cooling and the energy gained at the turbin would always be less than the extra energy to power the AC system.

A bad idea, but plastered all over the internet. The press release repeated over and over on site after site without any critical review. This company as far as I can tell (they’re not big on details) consists of the CEO, a patent attorney and a very good huckster.

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