Blogging for money–a boon or a trap?

Due to the economy and the need to generate money quickly, I turned to blogging for money by writing regularly on green business matters in the Portland area. The problem with this sort of sideline is that is pays very little considering the amount of work that goes into preparing each article. There is the research, fact checking, interviewing, writing and posting to be done for each offering–not to mention the time spent trying to find appropriate photos that can be used without copyright violations.

The trap comes with the fact that the more you post the more money I earn, and so the time that I could be spnding on potentially more lucrative projects is not available.

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About P. W. Fox

P. W. Fox, a.k.a. Wayne Howard, born in Mississippi, grew up in Nevada, Japan and Guam, returning to Mississippi where he attended high school and college in Mississippi where he received a degree in chemistry from Mississippi State University, and after working as a plant chemist for two years, he returned to the university, for graduate study in geology and geochemistry both at Mississippi State and the University of Texas at Dallas. On leaving school, he worked for a number of years in the oil and gas industry in Texas before moving to Oregon, where he has lived for the last 22 years. He has always been drawn to fiction writing and won a story writing contest at the age of nine. He began but later abandoned a science fiction novel while an undergraduate at Mississippi State. In recent years he began a more deliberate and sustained writing effort, producing short plays, poems, short stories and meditations as well as lyrics for choral pieces. Current projects include a science fiction novel and a children’s story.
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One Response to Blogging for money–a boon or a trap?

  1. valentina says:

    Blogging can be addictive, especially as the meager income grows by pennies and then begins to deliver dollars.

    If you look at it as a business where you are the owner, how many businesses do you know where the owner is flush with positive cash flow day one? Year one? Ok…lets try Year Three? Accountants will tell you that a traditional business started from scratch takes 3 to 5 years in the making before depositing a decent ROI. Not only does a traditional business cost you time but lots of money, money that you may be paying interest on.

    Blogging costs nothing to peanuts to start. You can build your blog on a part time basis. The investment is time. The more time you invest wisely, the faster the income begins to grow.

    Stay with it. If you are already making money blogging you are ahead of 82% of bloggers out there.


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