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For those of us who are fortunate/unfortunate enough to be self-publishing, figuring out the marketing can be a real challenge.  I feel like I don’t have time to write anymore, what with press releases, email notices, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, group postings, blog interviews, etc.  And just when I thought I was beginning to get the upper hand on all this, along comes a new marketing device: the book trailer!  So now I find myself having to learn how to make a short “movie” that will make people want to read my book.  I’m just beginning the process and it already looks daunting.  Take something as simple as background music for a one-minute feature; its a nightmare of copyright entanglements and legal uncertianties.

I’m beginning the process of developing a “trailer” for my recently released fantasy novella “Sea-Change” and I will be providing future updates on progress as well as commentary on what works and what does not.

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About P. W. Fox

P. W. Fox, a.k.a. Wayne Howard, born in Mississippi, grew up in Nevada, Japan and Guam, returning to Mississippi where he attended high school and college in Mississippi where he received a degree in chemistry from Mississippi State University, and after working as a plant chemist for two years, he returned to the university, for graduate study in geology and geochemistry both at Mississippi State and the University of Texas at Dallas. On leaving school, he worked for a number of years in the oil and gas industry in Texas before moving to Oregon, where he has lived for the last 22 years. He has always been drawn to fiction writing and won a story writing contest at the age of nine. He began but later abandoned a science fiction novel while an undergraduate at Mississippi State. In recent years he began a more deliberate and sustained writing effort, producing short plays, poems, short stories and meditations as well as lyrics for choral pieces. Current projects include a science fiction novel and a children’s story.
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