Tea Party zombies eat Republican brains

The zombie apocalypse is here.  Not in a grade C horror movie, but here and now in our nation’s capital.  A cadre of zombies created by voodoo economists using the enormous funds of their excessively wealthy patrons and rising from “Tea Party” roots is now roaming the halls of Congress with their insane drive to destroy the nation.  They’ve eaten the brains of the Republicans that might have been reasonable since none seem willing or able to tell these mindless undead that they’ve lost and to stop the insanity.

These zombies would try to fool people into thinking that they were all about reviving the spirit of the American Revolution by adopting the name “Tea Party” in reference to the Boston Tea Party of pre Revolution times.  But the “Tea Party” is against taxes (all taxes) and in many states where they have gained control they are working to restrict voting so that people who disagree with them cannot vote against them.  However the Boston Tea Party was not a protest against taxes per se but a protest about the lack of representation (No taxation without representation).  The entities calling themselves “Tea Parties” today have little in common with the Tea Party in Boston but have much more in common with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare as they shouted “No room!” even though there was a large table and many empty chairs.


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