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P. W. Fox, a.k.a. Wayne Howard, born in Mississippi, grew up in Nevada, Japan and Guam, returning to Mississippi where he attended high school and college in Mississippi where he received a degree in chemistry from Mississippi State University, and after working as a plant chemist for two years, he returned to the university, for graduate study in geology and geochemistry both at Mississippi State and the University of Texas at Dallas. On leaving school, he worked for a number of years in the oil and gas industry in Texas before moving to Oregon, where he has lived for the last 22 years. He has always been drawn to fiction writing and won a story writing contest at the age of nine. He began but later abandoned a science fiction novel while an undergraduate at Mississippi State. In recent years he began a more deliberate and sustained writing effort, producing short plays, poems, short stories and meditations as well as lyrics for choral pieces. Current projects include a science fiction novel and a children’s story.

Now is the time for Medicare for All

Democrats should introduce a fully fleshed-out “Medicare for All” bill, announce the intent to introduce it four weeks in advance, and talk it up at town halls, on traditional media and social media.  The DNC should engage activist groups to … Continue reading

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  Death and the Writer’s Conference I’ve just returned from three days of literary and psychic mayhem known as a writer’s conference.  Three days of packed workshops, three days of trying to sell your latest project to an army of … Continue reading

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The Warhawks try to mascarade as doves

The Republican warhawks who seem to want a war with Iran, in spite of the disastrous and unnecessary many-year involvement in Iraq, are now egging us on toward another misadventure in the middle east.  A Facebook  posting appeared spouting the headline: … Continue reading

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Are “new” Republicans neo-Nazis?

The new house majority whip, Steve Scalise, seems to be the perfect poster child for the “new” Republican: anti-tax, anti-government (except for the part where one draws a fat paycheck for fooling the voters every two years), and racist.  How … Continue reading

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Boots on the ground in Iraq self defeating

In a report by the blogging site Think Progress, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that Americans will be “killed here at home” unless he [Obama] sends ground troops into Iraq and Syria to defeat the terrorist threat.  He is further … Continue reading

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The New Republic of Texas?

It seems that in recent times, especially the last five years or so, absolute insanity has gripped a portion of the American People.  From the excesses of Tea-Party politics to the paranoid belief of some gun owners that requiring background … Continue reading

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Tea Party zombies eat Republican brains

The zombie apocalypse is here.  Not in a grade C horror movie, but here and now in our nation’s capital.  A cadre of zombies created by voodoo economists using the enormous funds of their excessively wealthy patrons and rising from … Continue reading

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Wagner and “Wolfsangle”: a Review

The M. D. Lachlan novel Wolfsangle preceded his novel Fenrir and are both concerned with the nordic myths surrounding Ragnorok.  Since I had read and reviewed the second novel first, I realized that with this review things had taken a distinct Wagnerian … Continue reading

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Book Trailer III: Music

Today I received an email from Virgin Classics EMI granting me permission to use about 44 seconds of a recording they had made of Brahms’ 1st Symphony as performed by the Houston Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Christoph Eschenbach.  … Continue reading

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“Fenrir” howls– a review

M. D. Lachlan’s book “Fenrir,” Pyr, 2011 stands out from the pack of recent fantasies by british authors.  The arc of the story follows the norse mythology surrounding Ragnarok or the twilight of the gods.  His tie-ins to the nordic … Continue reading

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