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Musings and rants on the current political landscape

Now is the time for Medicare for All

Democrats should introduce a fully fleshed-out “Medicare for All” bill, announce the intent to introduce it four weeks in advance, and talk it up at town halls, on traditional media and social media.  The DNC should engage activist groups to … Continue reading

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The Warhawks try to mascarade as doves

The Republican warhawks who seem to want a war with Iran, in spite of the disastrous and unnecessary many-year involvement in Iraq, are now egging us on toward another misadventure in the middle east.  A Facebook  posting appeared spouting the headline: … Continue reading

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Tea Party zombies eat Republican brains

The zombie apocalypse is here.  Not in a grade C horror movie, but here and now in our nation’s capital.  A cadre of zombies created by voodoo economists using the enormous funds of their excessively wealthy patrons and rising from … Continue reading

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Republicans Star in “Night of the Living Dead”

It looks like Grover Norquist is still in charge of the Republican Party. No sooner was the stimulus put forward than Grover was all over Fox News and radical right-wing radio talk outlets spouting about tax cuts. Strangely, almost immediately, … Continue reading

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